***Notice:  On 9/10/18, GPC informed CVEC that GPC will no longer offer handling & transfer services to CVEC/CVAC customers or members.  In the past, GPC has charged producers a handling fee, along with all applicable discount fees, to handle & transfer CVEC/CVAC customer & shareholder corn that did not meet quality specifications for delivery to CVEC.  Given GPC’s change in policy, please pay extra attention to corn temperature, moisture, FM, etc.***

Corn Receiving Hours

Monday:  7am – 4pm
Tuesday:  7am – 4pm
Wednesday:  7am – 4pm
Thursday:  7am – 4pm
Friday:  7am – 4pm

Saturday:  7am – 12pm

CVEC will not accept Duracade Corn due to lack of EU approval.   Any Corn over 16.0% moisture is subject to rejection. 

At this time CVEC is not accepting early deliveries.