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  • Cash Sale: Grain is sold at current market value.
  • Forward Price Contract: Ability to sell and deliver the grain during a specified time period in the future at a guaranteed set price.
  • Basis Contract: The basis portion of this contract is determined or “fixed” at the time the contract is written in the corresponding delivery month that the grain will be delivered. Pricing of the actual futures portion of the contract can be done on or before delivery. Fee may be associated with this type of contract.
  • Average Price Contract: Seller delivers grain in a set time period with the advantage of being paid the average price during a predetermined time period. CVEC will use the Trimester pricing average for this contract type. Call for details.
  • Delayed Price Contract: Allows for immediate delivery of grain with the flexibility to price the grain at a later date. There may be service charges until grain is priced depending on the type of delayed price contract available. NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE, CALL FOR DETAILS
  • Offer/Open Order: Allows seller to set a specific price, quantity, and delivery period that they would like for their corn. The offer is filled and a contract made when the market rallies to the set price. There are no fees for this program and also can be set up as a “Call First Order”.
  • Futures Fixed: Seller sets futures value for a delivery timeframe. Basis is set later.