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Delivery Schedule

Delivery Schedule

1st Trimester:  October 1st – January 31st
2nd Trimester:  February 1st – May 31st
3rd Trimester:  June 1st – September 30th


FISCAL YEAR 2022/2023
1st Trimester B
2nd Trimester S
3rd Trimester K
FISCAL YEAR 2023/2024
1st Trimester L
2nd Trimester C
3rd Trimester T
FISCAL YEAR 2024/2025
1st Trimester U
2nd Trimester M
3rd Trimester D
FISCAL YEAR 2025/2026
1st Trimester E
2nd Trimester V
3rd Trimester N
FISCAL YEAR 2026/2027
1st Trimester O
2nd Trimester F
3rd Trimester W




The members of the cooperative shall have the right to deliver on the open delivery policy by contacting CVAC or one of its representatives a minimum of two weeks before the desired delivery week. The CVAC office will then send out delivery notices to shareholders in the predetermined alphabetical order to fill the balance of the weekly needs two weeks prior to the delivery week.  One week after the end of the scheduled delivery period a second notice will be sent by registered mail which will inform the shareholder that they have one week to deliver or CVAC will purchase the corn for them.

Shareholders will have one week to delivery their corn if they own less than 50,000 shares. Shareholders will have two weeks to delivery their corn if they own more than 50,000 shares.


If a shareholder does not meet the above stated delivery requirements CVAC will proceed as follows:

  • CVAC will purchase the required bushels for the shareholder and will invoice the shareholder the purchase price plus ten percent per bushel. (If the shareholder made partial delivery on his corn the invoiced amount will be deducted from his corn check).
  • There will be no interest, storage, freight, and price adjustment or distribution payments to shareholders on corn purchased for them by CVAC.
  • If the shareholder fails to pay for corn purchased for them by CVAC, the balance will remain on account with interest being charged monthly at the current allowable rate until the balance is greater than the par value on the shares at which time the shareholder’s membership in the Cooperative will be terminated.

This policy is not intended nor shall it preclude CVAC from exercising another or different right at any time in the future as more particularly described in the marketing agreement in the event that shareholder fails to deliver corn.