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Chippewa Valley Ethanol

Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (CVEC) began as the dream of two Benson, MN, men more than a decade ago. Today, CVEC has the capacity to produce 50 million gallons of ethanol annually. It is still a small-town Minnesota company, but has grown to 975 cooperative owners. Thanks to its culture of innovation, CVEC is recognized at both the federal and state levels for efficient production and leadership in shaping ethanol policy.

Currently the company has ownership interest in four other ethanol companies and is a founding owner of Renewable Products Marketing Group, one of the premier ethanol and co-product marketing firms in North America. Through the years of growth, CVEC has remained focused on one guiding principle: Taking care of our customers.

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CornSep 2015367-2-3-6
CornDec 2015377-2-4-0
CornMar 2016388-0-4-0
CornMay 2016394-4-3-6
SoybeansAug 2015977-0-3-6
SoybeansSep 2015947-0-6-2
SoybeansNov 2015933-0-7-2
SoybeansJan 2016938-6-7-0
WheatSep 2015496-6-2-4
Ethanol FuturesAug 20151.505s+0.004
Gasoline RBOBSep 20151.7593-0.0127
Natural GasSep 20152.753+0.037
Crude Oil WTISep 201546.62-0.50
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Soybean Supply-and-Demand Tug of War

A University of Illinois agricultural economist says the volatility in prices reflects the market’s reaction to generally positive supply factors and some negative demand factors.

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