BCP News

Letter From the Chairman – Roger Longhenry – Fall 2023

This year it was hard to stay on the right side of the market. Brody was able to keep the plant with a good supply of corn but at a higher price to the corn pool. When the market is continually going lower that works against the corn pool so our margin call will be […]

Letter From the BCP General Manager – Patty Grube – Fall 2023

Once again, we have wrapped up a successful year of fulfilling shareholder delivery commitments for our BCP members. September 30, 2023 marked the end of our fiscal year and the auditors are nearing completion, with the audit to be presented at the BCP Board of Director’s meeting on November 17th. To recap, BCP ended FY2022 […]

Commodity Update – Brody Padgett – Fall 2023

The 2023 crop year is quickly coming to an end as the majority of producers in our area have completed their harvest.  While there were certainly pockets of below average yields, and several producers had to fight through downed corn, overall it seems that our local crop exceeded expectations and should be a sufficient supply […]

Letter From the Chairman – Fall 2022

There have been some changes again this year. With Covid backing off and more travel happening, we have been running the plant at full rate. The price of ethanol was good this year. Brody did a great job buying corn and keeping the bins full. This is such a benefit to the corn pool. We […]

Letter From the BCP General Manager – Fall 2022

The years keep flying by and we’re past September 30, 2022, which marked the end of our fiscal year. That means the auditors have completed their work and will be presenting it to the BCP Board of Directors at their November 11th meeting. To recap, BCP began the year with an enrollment of 11,964,709 bushels. […]

Commodity Update – Fall 2022

The 2022 growing season is wrapped up for the most part as local producers work to finish the last of the fall fertilizer and tillage. Overall it seems that we are once again fortunate to have harvested a decent corn crop in our area. Given the challenges and delays that producers faced this spring, the […]