Contracting Options

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Friday:  7:00am to Noon

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  • Cash Sale: Corn is sold at current market value.
  • Forward Cash Contract: Ability to sell and deliver corn during a specified time period in the future at an established cash price.
  • Futures Fixed (HTA): Seller fixes the futures portion of the contract at the time it is written. Basis and delivery period must be established prior to delivery.
  • Basis Contract: The basis portion of this contract is determined or “fixed” at the time the contract is written in the corresponding delivery month that the grain will be delivered. Pricing of the futures portion of the contract must be done on or before First Notice Day.
  • Average Price Contract: Seller delivers grain in a set time period with the advantage of being paid the average price during a predetermined time period. Upon delivery, seller will be paid an advance price with a “true-up” payment to be issued once the final average price is established. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY
  • Free Time: Producer may haul unpriced corn at any time to CVEC and leave it unpriced for up to two Fridays from the time of unload. Corn delivered on Free Time must be priced or converted to contract on or before the second Friday.
  • Offer/Open Order: Allows seller to offer a specific price, quantity, and delivery period that they would like for their corn. If the market rallies to the offered price, the offer is filled and a contract is established. There are no fees for offers, they may be cancelled at any time prior to filling, and also can be set up as a “Call First Order”.