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Expanding the Future of Corn

CVEC offers a wide range of products derived from corn including E85, DDGS, ethanol, corn oil, syrup, industrial alcohols and more. This not only serves our members, industries and area economies, but helps expand the future of corn markets in sustainable ways.

CVEC Products



Produced from the fermentation of corn.

Ethanol Trader

Mathias Peterson:



An 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline blend used in Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs).

Marissa Connelly,

Please call for current price, 320.843.1226


Corn Oil

Extracted from the germ of the corn plant used in industrial applications such as lubricants & biodiesel.

Merchandising Manager

Matt Niemeyer:



Dried Distillers Grain with solubles created from the distillation of alcohol from corn, ground into a nutrient rich feed for cattle, dairy cattle, swine and poultry.

Merchandising Manager

Jim Montbriand:



Wet Distillers Grains, a co-product from the distillation of alcohol from corn, ground into a meal and processed into wet grains used extensively in the cattle feeding industry.

Merchandising Manager

Jim Montbriand:

GGS Products

Glacial Grain Spirits (GGS) manufactures industrial alcohol, specially denatured alcohols (SDA's), food grade, beverage, and organic spirits. These products are used in everything from food and beverages to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. GGS remains one of the only farmer-owned ethyl alcohol manufacturers in the United States.

Specially Denatured Alcohols

Specially denatured alcohol may be used in the manufacturing of any product that is not intended for consumption. Although the main ingredient in SDA is ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol is a blend of ethyl alcohol and additives that make it unfit for drinking.

GGS Marketing Coordinator

Claire Goff:

Industrial Alcohols

Food grade ethyl alcohol used in a variety of applications from beverage, cleaners, cosmetics, fuels, solvents, dyes and more.

GGS Marketing Coordinator

Claire Goff:

Organic Alcohols

Non-GMO Project Verified, organic certified, and crafted from a batch fermentation process from local high quality organic corn used for spirits, preservatives and a wide range of other products.

GGS Marketing Coordinator

Claire Goff: