Commodity Update – Fall 2022

The 2022 growing season is wrapped up for the most part as local producers work to finish the last of the fall fertilizer and tillage. Overall it seems that we are once again fortunate to have harvested a decent corn crop in our area. Given the challenges and delays that producers faced this spring, the above average temperatures this summer, and the below average rainfall all season, I think it’s safe to say that this crop will have surpassed most expectations. The lack of rainfall, while certainly a serious concern moving forward, did make for one of the fastest harvests that I can recall, and many producers were able to deliver dry corn into CVEC right off the combine. Additionally, it appears that the quality of the new crop corn is fantastic, with average test weight running the highest we’ve seen since probably 2012 and zero toxin concerns thus far.


A reminder that bushels enrolled in the BCP may be moved into the delivery position at the end of any trimester. Also, new this year for the delivering shareholder was the option to elect the Flexible Pricing Program as a way to meet delivery commitments. The Flexible Pricing Program essentially allows the delivering shareholder the flexibility to market their CVAC shareholder bushels directly to CVEC on the open market at a delivery period of their choosing. Enrollment into this program is limited to once per year and coincides with BCP enrollment. If you have any questions regard the new Flexible Pricing Program please do not hesitate to reach out to Sara or myself.